Club Etiquette

These are a few reminders that the committee hope will be helpful to everyone.

  1. Only one board on the table at a time and it should remain in the centre of the table.
  2. North is responsible for handling boards.
  3. North completes the traveller and an opponent checks it.
  4. On removing cards from the board count them face down, and on completion of the hand shuffle and count your cards.
  5. Declarer should not handle dummy's cards but rather tell partner which card to play.
  6. Bidding cards should remain on the table until the opening lead has been made face down and explanations, if requested, have been obtained.
  7. You should not give Unauthorised Information, for example - frowning, sighing, anything that shows you have inadvertently made the wrong bid, or that you don't like partner's bid or defensive play. This sort of play is usually unintentional but it is unfair to your opponents.
  8. Players should decide which call they are going to make before touching any card in the bidding box. To go to the box and then hesitate over which card to extract gives Unauthorised Information to your partner.
  9. Delay any discussion (which should be done quietly) until all of the boards at that table have been played.
  10. Most infringements are unintentional, eg lead or bid out of turn, revoke, insufficient bid. Always call the Tournament Director for a ruling. No player should feel embarrassed or take exception to this action. Bradgate is very lucky - we have four qualified Tournament Directors. They provide an unbiased service for the membership and we should give them our full co-operation.
  11. Follow the Director's instructions regarding the collection of teas and coffees to avoid congestion at the service hatch. At the end of the evening get your table cleared quickly.

Whilst the committee recognises that Bradgate is a friendly, relaxed club, we do believe that by following these guidelines everyone will continue to enjoy their evening of bridge at Bradgate.

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Last updated on Sunday 27th June 2010