70% Club

The following people have scored over 70% on a club night

1st July2019Azam Khan&John Summerhayes73.28Hercock Trophy : Week 3
15th April2019Michael Ellerby&Steve Francis70.99Davis Trophy
25th February2019Mary Johnson&Mick Mahoney70.83Tyler Trophy : Week 4
21st January2019Brian Stockdale&Steve Wright73.69Pairs
1st October2018Anne Morris&Mark Wiggins72.76Pairs
6th August2018Nick Daniels&Phil Watts72.76Hercock Trophy : Week 8
30th July2018Michael Ellerby&Harry Gordon73.95Hercock Trophy : Week 7
30th April2018Paul Bowyer&Sue Bowyer70.61Pairs
16th April2018Peter Wells&Graham Conway70.18Pairs
2nd October2017Lucy Pathan&Garry Whiteman74.04Pairs
18th September2017Linda Stone&Anne Wright71.31Pairs
12th June2017Linda Stone&Anne Wright71.15CBC Sim Pairs
3rd April2017Anne Wright&Steve Wright76.81Pairs
23rd November2015Brian Stockdale&Sheila Stockdale72.96Bradgate Plate : Week 4
7th September2015Paul Emberton&Val Rees72.16Pairs
7th September2015Lucy Pathan&Mike Ayers71.02Pairs
27th July2015Jim Mason&Dick Pathan74.48Hercock Trophy : Week 6
8th June2015Nick Daniels&Steve Wright73.08Pairs
16th February2015Brian Stockdale&Sheila Stockdale70.22Tyler Trophy : Week 3
12th January2015Howard Stevens&Phil Watts73.24Pairs
17th November2014Malcolm Boyack&Steve Wright75.32Bradgate Plate : Week 3
19th August2013Richard Rees&Diana Bowden75.20Hercock Trophy : Week 10
15th July2013Mary France&Pam Smith71.65Hercock Trophy : Week 5
25th February2013Chris Allen&Colin Barfield74.20Tyler Trophy : Week 4
26th November2012Tony France&David Twells71.07Bradgate Plate : Week 4
5th November2012Tony France&David Twells70.35Bradgate Plate : Week 1
8th October2012Howard Stevens&Phil Watts73.56Pairs
12th March2012Win Stocker&Steve Wright70.51Pairs
12th December2011Pat Simpson&Barrie Parker71.92Pairs
15th February2010Tony France&David Twells74.32Tyler Trophy : Week 3
16th November2009Howard Stevens&Phil Watts72.21Bradgate Plate : Week 3
12th October2009Steve Wright&Win Stocker70.09Thompson Trophy
15th June2009Pat Simpson&Barrie Parker70.08Hercock Trophy : Week 2
1st June2009Mary France&Howard Stevens71.15Pairs
2nd March2009Tracey Jarvis&Gary Jones74.24Tyler Trophy : Week 4
1st October2007Tracey Jarvis&Gary Jones70.27Pairs
1st June2007Betty Smith&Mary France73.18Pairs
7th May2007Tracey Jarvis&Gary Jones76.90Pairs
8th January2007Gary Jones&Pat Simpson74.90Pairs
21st August2006Pam Leeson&Howard Stevens74.32Hercock Trophy : Week 10
7th August2006Pam Leeson&Howard Stevens71.82Hercock Trophy : Week 8
3rd July2006Mary France&Howard Stevens75.06Hercock Trophy : Week 3
5th June2006Kath Stevenson&Terry Stevenson72.32Pairs
3rd April2006Joan Hope&Jo Northam72.40Pairs
16th January2006Mary France&Howard Stevens72.29Patterson Pots
18th April2005Brenda Harris&Mary France74.27Pairs
21st March2005Howard Stevens&Steve Wright70.14Davis Mens Pairs
2nd February2004Mike Cockayne&Don Walker72.54Tyler Trophy : Week 1

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